November 30, 2008

Baby Likes Bad Food...

This baby has me wanting all sorts of disgusting food that I normally would puke over thinking about! I want things like pizza, nachos, and McDonalds food. YUCK! It makes me sick to think about how badly I want these things....but when I eat

This better pass quickly....

November 29, 2008

Week 4: Poppyseed

In week 3, sperm meets egg, and voila: conception! Your little zygote sets off on a six-day trek through your fallopian tubes, dividing and redividing into identical cells as it travels to your uterus.

In week 4, now safe in your womb, the ball of cells (blastocyst) splits in two, becoming the embryo and the placenta. The amniotic sac and fluid are forming around baby, and will act as a cushion for the next eight months.

Baby Mama

NestBaby Pregnancy Ticker

It's official...I'm having a baby!!! I'm so excited. I thought I'd be scared, but this feels so right and we're going to have a little one bouncing around in 8 months!!! I couldn't be happier!

November 12, 2008

Nearly There...

I am so close to finishing my program that I can taste it. I have less than 1 month until I have my Master's, and then it's high flying from there! I'm getting ready for my LAST full week in Buffalo right now, and I really can't wait until I can actually spend more of my time WITH my husband and kitties in Rochester. That will be a fine day...

Just wanted to check in. :-) Caio!

November 5, 2008

I've been away for so long...

Life has been crazy lately! My research partner and I completed all of our thesis research and Chapter Three. We were so relieved that we're taking a 3 week break from beginning Chapter Four and our poster presentation. I think it's well I'm living it up! By reading Harry Potter, of course, and completing my annotated unit early! I have only 2 more weeks of student teaching at St. Mark School...and I have mixed feelings about it. I'm so super excited because I'm nearly finished with this semester, but I'm also sad because I love these kids and they don't want me to go! Everyday they ask me when I'm leaving, and it sucks to have to tell him next week... :-( I have a small feeling that they're going to miss me a lot! One boy, in particular, keeps reminding me of his birthday because he made me swear that I will visit the class on that day! I definitely will. They're all 9 or 10, and kids at this age need positive role models that keep promises. I refuse to be the JERK student teacher who promises a little boy that I'll wish him a happy birthday and visit the class...only to skip out and break his heart. It's such a fragile age, and I don't want to be the one to do that! Plus, I think the while class will love it if I stop in and bring treats or it a Visit from Mrs. B Party!

Well, I just wanted to stop in a post. I'm so busy that I can't write too much....but I'll be back to blogging a lot more in a few weeks!