March 28, 2011

Monday's Baby Food Bonanza: Sauteed Veggies & Honey Mustard Marinated Pork

This is an easy meal that will fill everyone's tummy!  Little Rocker really enjoyed picking through the huge variety of vegetables that I sauteed in a pan, and he loved the different flavor that pork brings to a meal.  We recently rediscovered pork as a main protein and RJ is really loving it.  It's a different texture and taste than chicken or beef and it's extremely good for you.  I love that Little Rocker is open to trying pretty much any new food I put on his plate because I know this will open a wide range of culinary doors for my little man.

Sauteed Vegetables & Honey Mustard Marinated Pork

1) In a large skillet, heat about 2 tbsp of vegetable oil

2) Slice up a large variety of different colored vegetables and toss into hot pan
{we used tomatoes, eggplant, mushrooms, sweet peppers, sweet onions, potatoes, & cucumber}
3) Add a dash of salt and pepper {to taste}, and saute for about 20 minutes

 4) About 10 minutes after starting the vegetables, toss about 2-3 thinly sliced pork chops into another skillet
{you can marinate before or you can just add about 1/4 cup of honey mustard marinade to the pan}

5) Cook pork for about 4 minutes and then toss, repeat

6) Serve pork over vegetables

March 24, 2011

The Tee-rrific Design Contest

I want to share this great fashion design contest for young girls that I just heard about!

The contest gives girls, ages 5-12, a chance to design a t-shirt for a major fashion brand and have it featured on the cover of a national magazine.

The Tee-rrific Design Contest is presented by, which is a new website that lets girls design and wear their own outfits and fashion collections.

Recently hailed as a "great website for girls" by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, lets girls pick out the style and color of their outfit and then add their own special flair with appliqu├ęs, rhinestones, ribbons, and ruffles, allowing girls to express their distinct style and personality. They can even personalize the label to feature their name.

To enter, contestants should draw their own t-shirt design and submit it via’s Facebook page. The design should be able to fit in the center of any "Jane" shirt (FashionPlaytes most popular basic v-neck t-shirt). The deadline for entries is April 15th.

Click here for more details about the contest.

The winner’s design will be sold on and be featured on the cover of Kiki Magazine, a popular monthly magazine for girls ages 9-14. In addition, they will receive a 3-year subscription to Kiki Magazine and a $250 gift certificate to

March 22, 2011

Last night went off without a hitch!

Kids Hypoallergenic PillowAs you might have assumed, and you were correct, RJ and I were more than slightly nervous about how bedtime would go last night. 

Well, I'm happy to tell you that it was perfect!  Little Rocker happily got into bed {like a big boy}, then jumped on his bed for about twenty minutes {no big change here}, then banged on his door a little until I went back into his room.  This time, however, I was able to put him down and he stayed put and fell asleep after some in-the-bed playtime, which is also the norm.

We're thrilled!  This morning, rather than yelling and screaming for me to get him up, Little Rocker simply slid out of bed and knocked on his door a few times until I opened the door.  It was awesome!  I'm so proud of my little man. 

Fisher-Price Precious Planets 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set, BlueI guess he's really a toddler now.

March 21, 2011

BING, BANG, toddler flew the chicken coop!

A Book of SleepRJ and I decided to take an early night, last night, and planned on putting the little monkeys to bed and then going to sleep ourselves.  Nothing could have prepared us for the late night that it really was.

First, Monkey Man was fighting a poop that just could not escape so he fussed and fussed and fussed {for over an hour while we took turns trying to console him} before finally falling asleep.  Yes...there WAS a humongous poop in his morning diaper.  Yuck!  Poor kiddo probably worked it out in the middle of the night, but he didn't wake to let me know.  Thanks, Monkey.  It was huge, so I wish he had woken up so I could have changed it for him.

Animal Crackers Fly the CoopOnce Monkey Man was sleeping we were thrilled to be able to go to bed.  RJ was finishing up some lesson plans and then we planned on heading back.  Unfortunately, right at the moment when I was laughing about how our poor little Monkey probably pushed his poop out as he fell asleep and would be stuck with it all night {I don't know if this is fact, but he fought sleep hard so I'm thinking it may be what happened}, we heard a LOUD BOOM! followed by Little Rocker crying.

I pretty much knew right away that he had finally done it - he climbed out of his bed.  I just knew it, so I snuck down the hallway and into his room, stumbled over his stupid basketball hoop to the light and flicked it on.  My poor little toddler was kneeling on the floor, rubbing his eyes, and saying "UH OH!" over and over again.

JoJo Designs Blue Baby and Toddler Down Comforter for Crib and Toddler BeddingJorge, his trusty giraffe, was still clutched in his grasp and Elmo was dangling from the side of the bed railPoor Elmo didn't make it out - he was still trapped in the dreaded Toddler-Bed-Land.  It was the most adorable and pathetic thing I've ever seen.  I scooped Little Rocker up and went out into the living room, since I knew RJ and I needed to figure out what we were going to do now.

Poor Little Rocker.  He was so sad, and scared, and a little excited to have made it out of bed and now all the way into the living room where his toys were. 

The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Gentle Ways to Stop Bedtime Battles and Improve Your Child's SleepWe decided to take the rail completely off his bed for the night and see how he dealt with that.  It was an utter failure!  He was terrified to be on his bed without some barrier of protection against the outside world that was his bedroom.  We'd go into his room, put him back in bed {or chase him as he scurried back to bed by himself}, and then go back into our room.  He's be up again, wrapped in his blanket and clutching Elmo and Jorge, crying by the door.  Again we'd go in, and go in, and go in, until finally I stayed with him and rocked him until he was too tired to keep his little eyelids open.  When he was sound asleep I placed him in bed and snuggled with him for 5 minutes after he protested my attempt to leave.

That did it, and he was out like a light.  My poor little monkey.

Monday's Baby Food Bonanza: Grilled Veggies & Pineapple

This is a great side for a summer steak or a meal all in itself if you're looking for something light, healthy, and tasty!

Grilled Veggies & Pineapple

15 oz Diced Pineapple
1 Bell Pepper
1 cup chopped mushrooms


1) Chop pepper and mushrooms and toss into a bowl with pineapple

2) Prepare a 12" x 12" sheet of aluminum foil.

3) Place pepper, mushrooms, and pineapple in foil and fold up tightly.  Make sure you leave a pocket of air for heat to circulate.

4) Bake on 400 degrees F for 30 minutes or grill for about 15-20 minutes.

March 20, 2011

My best friend's bridal shower CAKE

Do you remember the fabulous 3-tier cake that was made for Little Rocker's 1st birthday?  Well, Jan {the incredibly skilled cake baker} is at it again but this time she made a beautiful bridal shower cake for my best friend's first shower.  It was absolutely gorgeous!

 Also, because I love you, I'll post some pictures of the super cool candy bar that the bride's sister and I set up!


If you live anywhere in the Western New York area, please feel free to send me an email and I'll share Jan's business info with you.

March 17, 2011

My St. Patrick's Day Monkey

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Friends!

St.Patrick's Day Green Striped Pair Of Arm WarmersI don't have any pictures for you yet, but I'm taking some cute ones with our "little Irish blessing" sheets just as soon as my silly monkeys wake up from naps.  They're stinkpots for sure, today, but I love them still.

Love them. Love them. Love them.

It's incredible how much the ability in your heart to love grows once you have children.  I swear if any other person kept me up for the last few nights like these boys have I would probably scream at them, but I can't yell at my babies when they're just beautiful babies.  Monkey Man can't help it and he goes back to sleep pretty easily.  Even though Little Rocker wakes up only to spend time with me, I still can't be mad at him because he just misses me...his mommy.  It's adorable and terrible all at the same time, but I can't be upset with him.
St.Patrick's Day Shamrock Shutter Shades
I planned on taking a nap now, while the boys sleep peacefully, but I can hear that Little Rocker is up and angry again so I guess a nap is out of the question.  Maybe he'll agree to some snuggle time on the couch?  Maybe?

March 15, 2011


Silver Star Confetti 

I just noticed!  WHOO HOO!!!

12 Polka Dot Balloons Bright Festive Colors Party Blue Green Pink and Lavender

March 14, 2011

Our busy life...lately

Monkey Pillow Pets - BrownI have to apologize because I've been letting down those of you who visit my blog to read about Monkeys, Rockers, kittens, and family life.  We've been so busy with all of that awesome stuff that I've been mostly posting up the automated giveaways, posts, and fun informational posts {like Baby Food Bonanza}.  Don't get me wrong, I know those things are awesome too but I miss letting you all in on our lives and keeping you posted on what the kidlets are up to.

I Love You Stinky FaceIn the last few weeks, Little Rocker has grown to love Monkey Man more and more.  He asks for Monkey Man when he wakes up from a nap and Monkey is still sleeping.  He searches for Monkey Man throughout the house too.  Sometimes, Little Rocker will walk up to Monkey Man out of nowhere and give him a hug and kiss before continuing to go about his silly business.  RJ and I can't get enough of this.  We love that our toddler loves his baby brother so much, and we're definitely looking forward to those two goofballs growing up together.

Britax Marathon 70 Convertible Car Seat, OnyxMonkey Man is almost 5 month old, and he's got the most amazing personality.  He's silly, goofy, and stinky!  I'm estimating that my breastfed only baby is weighing about 20lbs right now, and he's about 26in long.  When I carry him around in his carseat I lose all feeling in my entire arm.  Convertible carseat here we come!  He's a big boy.  I love him.

Webkinz Siamese CatOur kitties have turned into major punks.  I think is new baby jealousy, but I'm hoping it passes soon.  Iseriously have scratches all up and down my arm from Maryland.  Let me tell you, CAT SCRATCHES HURT!  We still love our furbabies, and they're calming down a little, but I promise you I was very annoyed with them for a while there.  I can't stand having my things ruined, my arms attacked, and my face butted while I sleep!  Little stinkerpies!

I promise to keep you more up-to-date with our life from now on.  We've been getting out a lot more and doing things has a family, so I've had very little time.